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On Call Moving & Storage offers local movers for residents of Bellflower. Our Bellflower movers can relocate your home across California and the 10 Western States.

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Movers in Bellflower

On Call Moving & Storage is always determined to giving our clients a professional moving service like no other. We offer professional movers in Bellflower, California, capable of relocating your home in a seamless move. Our movers of over 20 years are experts in local and long-distance moving, and we offer international and commercial moving services too!



In addition to our moving crews, we offer packing crews for residents of Bellflower. Our packing service offers partial and full packing and unpacking. Our packers are experts in their field and are capable of packing all of your household items safely and efficiently; moreover, our packers are highly flexible and courteous.

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The original legal title to the land on which Bellflower now stands dates back to 1784 with one of the first Spanish land grants in California. Several Spanish soldiers petitioned Pedro Fages, the Governor of California and a former commander in the Spanish military, for land on which to graze their herds of livestock. The largest of these grants went to soldier Manuel Nieto, who received all the land between the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers. In 1832, after the Spanish were ousted in the Mexican Revolution, the new Mexican Governor, Jose Figueroa, divided the land into five smaller ranchos to be distributed among Nieto’s heirs. Bellflower developed on a piece of land bordered by three of the ranchos: Santa Gertrudes, Los Coyotes, and Los Cerritos. During this time, vast amounts of cattle sustained the economy and beef was cheaper than salt.


In 1869, the area known as Somerset Ranch, roughly from Alondra Boulevard to Artesia Boulevard, and from Lakewood Boulevard to Cornuta Avenue, comprised 4,000 acres of what would later become Bellflower. A few scattered parcels had been sold and the open fields were used for grazing dairy cows.


Open fields were great for cattle, settlers soon found that the land could all be washed away. The entire area was subject to annual flooding when the tramp river (San Gabriel) would swell from winter rains or spring thaws and travel down the middle of what is now Bellflower Boulevard. A dense growth of willow, bamboo, and underbrush, wild grape, blackberry, and rose bushes earned the vicinity along the river the name of The Willows and The Wilderness. Early residents recall sometimes rowing from island to island in Bellflower during the rainy season.

Take The Stress Out Of Your Next Local Move

On Call Moving & Storage

Take The Stress Out Of Your Next Local Move

On Call Moving & Storage

Local Bellflower Movers

Offering residential movers like no other, On Call Moving is here for you! Our local and long-distance movers are always prepared with the right supplies and equipment to ensure every move is a stress-free moving experience. Our movers are experts can safely move your furniture, safes, antiques, plants, gym equipment, artwork, and so much more. We always equip our movers with basic supplies such as TV boxes, artwork boxes, mattress bags, wardrobe boxes, and more to ensure all of your belongings are properly loaded.


In addition to our local and long-distance moving crews, we offer international movers! Our international movers offer both a door-to-door and door-to-port moving service, giving you the flexibility to choose what service you may need. We also completely most of the legal documentation for you. Additionally, we complete a full inventory to ensure all of your belongings are accounted for.


On top of our residential movers, we offer commercial movers for businesses in Bellflower. Allow our office movers to relocate your office in a safe and efficient move. Our office movers will ensure all of your belongings are properly loaded and transported, and we always ensure all of your equipment and your floors are kept in pristine condition; furthermore, our office movers are licensed, bonded, and insured.

An Easy Storage Solution

On Call Moving offers an easy storage solution for residents of Bellflower. Our storage is secure, being monitored 24/7, and is organized with an inventory system to ensure all of our clients’ belongings are properly accounted for and easy to access. Call now and you could receive your first month FREE of charge!


On Call Moving & Storage offers a professional moving service like no other in Bellflower. Our Bellflower movers are always on call and ready to serve. We offer affordable rates with no additional hidden fees. Our movers are determined to giving you a stress-free move.

Helpful resources if you are moving to Bellflower

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Bellflower, CA 90706

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City of Bellflower

16600 Civic Center Drive

Bellflower, CA 90706

(562) 804-1424

Bellflower Unified School District

16703 S. Clark Ave

Bellflower, CA 90706

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Bellflower Behavioral Health Hospital

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Bellflower, CA 90706

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Bellflower Library Garden

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Bellflower, CA 90706

Bellflower City Caruthers Park

10500 Flora Vista St

Bellflower, CA 90706

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