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Now serving Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and its surrounding area.

Relocating Phoenix Residents to California

On Call Moving & Storage offers relocation services for residents of Phoenix Arizona to California. Allow our California movers to safely relocate your belongings in an affordable and professional moving environment. With over two decades of experience in the moving industry, On Call Moving & Storage is determined to satisfy your moving needs.

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Reliable & Efficient Moves to California

On Call Moving & Storage will guarantee a seamless moving experience for residents of Phoenix and its surrounding areas. We offer trained moving crews dedicated to relocating your home in a reliable and efficient means. No matter where to California you wish to relocate to, our Phoenix-to-California movers will ensure your household is properly relocated in a timely and professional manner.


In addition to our long-distance movers, we offer international movers for Phoenix residents looking to relocate overseas; furthermore, we offer a storage service in California, perfect for situations in both long-distance and international relocations. We also offer a comprehensive list of moving tips that you may find extremely useful.


Why Hire Our Long-Distance Movers?

Whether you wish to relocate to the bustling city of Los Angeles, the cozy coasts of San Diego, the golden view of San Fransisco, or anywhere else in-between, On Call Moving & Storage is THE moving company for you! We specialize in relocation services from Phoenix and its surrounding areas anywhere to California. Our long-distance movers will ensure your residence is safely relocated to California.

Take The Stress Out Of Your Next Local Move

On Call Moving & Storage

Take The Stress Out Of Your Next Local Move

On Call Moving & Storage

Experience a High-Quality Move to California

With over 20 years of experience in the moving industry, our movers guarantee a premium moving service like no other. To safely relocate all of your furniture, our movers will disassemble all of your furniture before wrapping it with moving blankets and plastic wraps. 


Worried about fragile items? Our movers will ensure anything fragile is properly protected and labeled to ensure its safety during the move; furthermore, we will create custom crates for any glass and marble tops.


In addition, our movers are equipped with basic moving supplies such as tape, TV boxes, wardrobe boxes, mirror boxes, plastic mattress covers, and more! We will ensure that all of your belongings are transported with the utmost care. Once we arrive and unload your belongings to your new California home, we will reassemble all of your furniture and set it in place inside its new home!


On Call Moving & Storage is dedicated to relocating households in a high-quality moving service. Residents of Phoenix Arizona can rest easy knowing that their home is in good hands when they hire our movers. We are determined to making every move a stress-free experience.

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